How do you choose the right baby blanket?

Embroidered baby blankets are a popular gift choice for parents and parents-to-be. They are not only functional, but can also be cherished for years to come.

Baby blankets offer warmth, comfort and security to newborns. In addition, swaddling a baby with a blanket can help him feel safe and mimic the feeling of the womb.

There is a wide choice between different blankets depending on the season. The blankets are made of different materials, which are not only super soft for your baby but also handy to use. Below are the top 3 most chosen blankets:

  1. Muslin fringe – Jollein

A frequently chosen blanket is the muslin fringe blanket from Jollein. This blanket made of hydrophilic tetra fabric is soft and moisture-absorbent. In addition to a blanket, this multi cloth can also be used to take to the beach or swimming pool, easy to change your child when you are on the road, use it to dry your child, or as protection against the sun. This is a super handy all-around blanket that everyone can use.

  1. Basic knit blanket – Jollein

This knitted blanket is an ideal mid-season blanket or to combine with a sleeping bag. You can use the blanket for the crib as well as the maxi-cosi and the pram. The most chosen size is the crib blanket of 75x100cm. This blanket is often chosen as the first birth blanket to use in the hospital and to take nice pictures.

  1. Basic knit with fleece - Jollein

Nice and warm blanket for winter and autumn. This double blanket with super soft fleece on one side and a knitted blanket on the other side. Easy to take with you everywhere and to wrap your child so that it certainly does not get cold. Very nice to embroider the name on the wrap or in the middle!

Embroidered baby blankets are a timeless and precious gift for parents and parents-to-be. With a variety of fonts and embroidery colors available, you can't miss giving a unique and personalized gift that will be cherished for years to come.

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