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Blanket // Muslin fringe - Ivory

Blanket // Muslin fringe - Ivory

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Baby blanket // Muslin fringe - Ivory

Make it even more personal? Have your blanket embroidered with your child's name.

Photo Camille: Font Dear Jane, embroidered with beige

Photo Eléonore: Font Dear Jane, embroidered with dusty pink

Photo Léopold: Font wave, embroidered with beige

Photo Colette: Font Dear Jane, embroidered with caramel

Let your little one dream away with this fine must-have muslin blanket with fringes. The hydrophilic muslin fabric is wonderfully soft and is a nice blanket in the summer, but also nice to use as an extra blanket in combination with a sleeping bag.

A blanket gives a sense of security and ensures that your little one can sleep safely and comfortably. In addition to being used as a blanket, it is also perfect to use as a hydrophilic multi-cloth to take to the beach or the swimming pool. The mulsin fabric, made of organic cotton, also absorbs moisture with ease and is super soft for sensitive skin. You can also easily take the multifunctional blanket with you in your diaper bag as an extra blanket, to change your baby when you are on the road, or as a towel.

This product can be washed at a maximum temperature of thirty degrees.

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